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Our Staff

Our Staff

Kathleen M. Murphy

President & CEO

Tel: (617) 502-3804

Tanya M. Duncan

Executive Vice President, Revenue and Strategy

Tel: (617) 502-3801

Ben R. Craigie

Senior Vice President, Professional Development Group

Tel: (617) 502-3820

Brad S. Papalardo

Senior Vice President, Chief of Government Affairs & Counsel

Tel: (617) 502-3809

William J. Tsoules, CPA

Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Tel: (617) 502-3808

Nicole Almeida

Vice President & Chief of Staff, Media Relations & Inquiries

Tel: (617) 502-3823

Annie A. Coldstream

Vice President of Member Services and Human Resources

Tel: (617) 502-3816

Larry Liuzzo

Vice President of Government Affairs

Tel: (617) 502-3806

Meghan F. McCarthy

Vice President, Professional Development

Tel: (617) 502-3807

Chad Pook

Vice President of Administration, Group Insurance Trust

Tel: (617) 502-3810

Mr. Jess M. Huber

Director of Executive Operations

Tel: (617) 502-3815

Paulyn Sali

Senior Accountant

Tel: (617) 502-3817

Mikaila Folts

Manager Marketing and Member Communications

Tel: (617) 502-3813

Cynthia Rounds-McGuigan

Accounting Manager

Tel: (617) 502-3812

Sara Whitney

Learning and Development Manager

Tel: (617) 502-3824

Kenneth G. Buckley, Jr.

Database and Education Assistant

Tel: (617) 502-3819

Ms. Jessie Connors

Program Registrar and Administrative Assistant Education

Tel: (617) 502-3821

Sarah Gaudet

Project and Office Assistant

Tel: (617) 502-3803