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Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendors

Mass Bankers’ Preferred Vendor Program is a strategic initiative that establishes a curated network of trusted suppliers and service providers with whom the Association has established a mutually beneficial relationship. The program provides members with access to a state-of-the-art and best-in-class slate of products and services that support the growth and success of the industry, while offering vendors a platform to showcase their offerings.

The Program is made up of pre-screened vendors chosen for their commitment to quality, reliability, and value. It is designed to augment the vendor selection process for our members by offering access to a roster of trusted partners who understand the unique needs of the banking industry.

Vendors interested in the program have typically been Associate Members for at least two years which gives the Association and membership the opportunity to gauge their offerings, performance, and style. Preferred vendor candidates also undergo a rigorous evaluation process to ensure they meet the Association's standards for quality, reliability, and ethical business practices. That process includes a review of the company’s financials, meetings with their leadership team, conversing with customers and other state banking associations who have engaged the vendor, and focused board-level discussion followed by a vote.

In addition to providing access to quality products and services that complement the banking industry, the Program may incorporate the benefits of aggregate buying power, direct member discounts, expense reduction, and revenue enhancements. Finally, these select-businesses provide important revenue opportunities for the Association.

For the vendor, the Program offers exposure to a targeted and engaged market, advanced opportunities for collaboration and networking, and elevated credibility through affiliation with Mass Bankers.

For Preferred Vendor inquiries, please email Annie Coldstream, Vice President of Member Engagement & Human Resources, or call her at (617) 502-3816.

Vendor selections and recommendations are made in accordance with Massachusetts Bankers Association’s (MBA) stated mission. While it is believed that the promoted products and services merit strong consideration by member banks, MBA’s due diligence and selection criteria should not be construed as a guarantee. Member banks are encouraged to conduct their own due diligence reviews of recommended vendors as the ultimate appropriateness and utilization of their products or services may vary from bank to bank.

Compensation received – through contracted agreements, corporate sponsorships, overhead coverage and otherwise – by MBA is utilized in part to enhance our members’ experience. This financial support expands resources and strengthens the services and programs of the Massachusetts Bankers Association.