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MBA Committees

Committees of the Massachusetts Bankers Association

Bank Systems and Technology Committee

Bank Systems and Technology Committee will identify resources that can be utilized to solve product and productivity needs of the members. The committee oversees current technical and operational developments in the banking industry on electronic data processing equipment, office automation, and telecommunications, as well as conventional mechanical equipment and systems, as plans educational programs. The committee also reviews pertinent legislation and regulations, making recommendations, when appropriate.

Liaison: Ben Craigie

Commercial Credit Committee

Commercial Credit Committee keeps abreast of and advises member banks of new developments, trends and legislation; plans educational programs dealing with commercial lending, as appropriate; analyzes legislation affecting commercial lending and recommends a position. It suggests new legislation as needed; prepares and presents legislative testimony and assists in the preparation of manuals or similar publications for membership.

Liaison: Brad Papalardo

Community Bank Committee

Community Bank Committee provides a forum for discussion and action on current and emerging trends in community banking as they relate to increasing bank profitability, im roving customer service, employee productivity and other important issues relative to community institutions. Additionally, the committee monitors state and federal legislation and regulations to measure the impact that such laws and rules have on the community bank constituency.

Liaison: Tanya Duncan

Education and Management Development Committee

Education and Management Development Committee oversees the operations of educational programs to ensure the availability of high quality, professionally trained employees. This committee also oversees the planning and operations of the School for Financial Studies.

Liaison: Meghan McCarthy

Federal Liaison Committee

Federal Liaison Committee analyzes and monitors federal legislation and regulations as well as advises in the direct lobbying efforts of the Association. The committee and staff will work in concert with industry management, the Massachusetts Congressional delegation, Washington counsel, national trade associations and the federal regulatory agencies, to recommend and implement a legislative program to represent member bank goals and objectives.

Liaison: Brad Papalardo

Human Resources Committee

Human Resources Committee monitors the changing requirements of our industry, the increased competitive pressures, and identifies banking trends that will provide for a continuous pool of qualified employees. The committee will monitor legislative and regulatory issues relating to human resources.

Liaison: Chad Pook

Public Affairs and Marketing Committee

Public Affairs and Marketing Committee monitors public impressions of the industry and recommends ways in which the industry’s image can be enhanced. It also develops Association resources and programs in support of member-banks, public affairs and bank marketing efforts.

Liaison: Nicole Almeida

Security and Loss Prevention Committee

Security and Loss Prevention Committee is involved in the areas of risk management, bank protection and the prevention or reduction of loss due to internal and external crime. The Committee will also be responsible for the ongoing monitoring of the Bank Robbery Working Group Initiative, the TIP Programs and as a liaison with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies.

Liaison: Ben Craigie

State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee

State Legislative and Regulatory Affairs Committee is the primary body within the Association, other than the Board of Directors, which reviews and recommends positions on all state legislative and regulatory banking matters. The committee shall recommend those courses of action best suited to satisfy the concerns and promote the welfare of the banking community in the commonwealth.

Liaison: Brad Papalardo

Trust Administration, Counsel and Systems Committee

Trust Administration, Counsel and Systems Committee serves to develop and coordinate the Association’s trust legislative agenda, reviews legislation filed by others, prepares testimony, reviews and acts appropriately on legal, administration, systems and taxation matters affecting the administration and servicing of trusts and estates by member banks. The committee develops annual educational workshops on administration, tax, and systems issues as necessary.

Liaison: Brad Papalardo

Trust Executive Committee

Trust Executive Committee consisting of trust department heads provides policy guidance on trust department issues, coordinates overall management on key trust industry issues, oversees the work of the standing committees. It also plans the Annual New England Trust Conference.

Liaison: Brad Papalardo