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Mass Bankers News

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January 18, 2024

The Massachusetts Bankers Association is proud to reveal their new logo in conjunction with the launch of a newly redesigned website. The new site has been in the works for months and will provide better tools, easier navigation and quicker access to all that the Association has to offer as well as a better, more focused experience for all visitors to the site.

The new logo is inspired by the work Mass Bankers does for and with banks and the passion banks show for the communities they serve. The logo features a stylized M being reflected by a stylized B and communicates the heart of the banking industry and Mass Bankers. This association’s work helps banks and, in turn, helps communities to be better served by their banks. Mass Bankers is a reflection of the needs and purpose of Massachusetts banks and bankers and the new logo is a representation of that.

In the coming months, Mass Bankers will reveal a full rebrand including new colors, imagery and language to better reflect the work we do and better serve our member banks, associate members and communities.