Economic cycles and their significance
Interest rate forecasting
Significance of yield curves
Potential effects of future economic conditions on bank profitability


Components of risk
Asset/liability management
Consequences of interest rate fluctuations

The lending process (both retail and commercial), regulatory environment
Elements of successful portfolio administration

Operational and strategic long-range planning
Definition of objectives, goals and strategies
Use of simulation modeling and cases to develop decision-making skills
The delivery of financial services using technology

Management/Human Resources

Strategic decision-making
Leadership styles
Diversity in the workforce
Forces of organizational change
Career responsibility shifts to the individual
Ethics and managing change

Retail Bank Marketing
Marketing function
Marketing mix, product profitability analysis
Product management techniques 
Marketing strategies
Sales and service


Application of Skills

The course culminates in a comprehensive computerized simulation that challenges students to assume senior management responsibilities. Called BankExec, the program requires participants to implement financial, management, operational, and marketing strategies to compete successfully against similar banks on the basis of profit, market share, and performance.

Using Turning Point Technology and utilizing our digital learning tools students will be required to work through a strategic planning management process to develop a creative, viable, long-term plan for their group bank.