No Hats, Hoods or Sunglasses

The Massachusetts Bankers Association security program recommending member banks post signs in their branches requesting that customers remove all hats, sunglasses and hoods before entering the bank as a robbery deterrent has been very successful and adopted by banks across the country and in Mexico. It has received worldwide recognition. The program is simple. Banks post signs in their bank entrances requesting that all customers remove hats, hoods and sunglasses as a security precaution. The program can be coordinated with the local police department. It is important that the program be applied uniformly and consistently by bank personnel. Consideration should be given for obvious medical and religious situations. Customers refusing to comply can be asked to leave the bank. Special signage with proper wording can be obtained by calling Financial Advertising at 617.327.4645 in Roslindale, MA. Please contact Ben Craigie with any questions or for additional information.