The Massachusetts Bankers Association Scholarship Foundation is thrilled to announce that four $2,500 scholarships awards are available for high school seniors of member bank employees in May for their first semester college tuition payment. The MBA Scholarship Foundation was established to help our bank member employees with the financial burden of colleges and universities and to support and invest in students today, our tomorrow’s leaders.

To learn more about the scholarship application, click here: More Info - 2021 Scholarship Application
To read about last year's scholarship recipients here: 2020 MBA's Scholarship Foundation Recipients

Below, please read about your eligibility for the scholarship. Any questions can be directed to Misa Nguyen, Project Manager, 

  • Applicant must be a dependent child of a parent employed on a continual full-time basis by a voting member of the Massachusetts Bankers Association (MBA) (for a minimum of two years) as of the cut-off date of application for scholarships or a child of a parent who was deceased no more than two years prior to the cut-off date of application for scholarships and who was employed by a voting member of the MBA for a minimum of two years prior to death, or the child of a part-time employee who has worked a minimum of 1,000 hours each year for five consecutive years. Employees themselves are not eligible, only children. Employment or service need not be with the same voting member, but it must be without gaps.
  • Applicant must be entering college for the first time, enrolled as a full-time student as defined by the accredited educational institution, in an undergraduate course of study which offers courses of study beyond the high school level. Enrollment only at accredited colleges, universities and community colleges will be considered. The scholarship is available only in the first semester of study.
  • If the parent leaves the employ or service of the regular MBA member or if the institution where the parent is employed or serves discontinues its membership with MBA, the scholarship is not forfeited once it has been awarded. Should the recipient withdraw from the educational institution, any refund due should be returned to the MBA Scholarship Foundation.
  • It is the responsibility of the applicant to notify the MBA Scholarship Foundation office of other financial aid that has been awarded the applicant. The MBA Scholarship award plus any financial aid received by the student will not exceed the total of tuition, books, fees, room and board.

Please click here for Application! 

Please email all completed applications to Misa Nguyen,
Any late, incomplete, or falsified information on the application will be rejected. 
Deadline is April 30, 2021