Founded in 1905, the Massachusetts Bankers Association represents over 160 institutions including all banking charters with aggregate assets of more than $2.2 trillion. Through its publications, seminars and conferences, MBA offers its Associate members the opportunity to stay in close touch with the industry and the legislative, regulatory and market developments that are influencing its future.

Some benefits enjoyed by over 200 Associate members, include:
  Keeping abreast of and help influence Massachusetts laws, regulations and other important agency developments.

Timely Information    Members receive weekly Beacon Hill Reports and Washington Updates together with timely Special Bulletins as important banking issues arise.

Answers    MBA officers respond to many state and federal regulatory questions from our members and serve as an advocate in the Legislature and Congress. Certainly Dodd-Frank will open a new era in banking that will require special attention. Many times all that your staff needs is an answer to the question, “Where do I get ….,” potentially saving your staff and bank hours of valuable time.

Intelligence    MBA offers its members the opportunity to stay in close touch with the industry and the legislative, regulatory and market developments that are influencing its future.
Member Involvement    Associate members are invited to serve on a wide-range of MBA committees, including systems and technology, and security, to name a few. It is in these committees and ad hoc working groups, together with the Association Board of Directors, that industry policies and best practices are developed and adopted.
Education    Our wide-range of conferences and seminars keeps members current in areas of compliance, risk, security, finance, technology, essentially all areas of the bank. Training to keep bank staff current on all state and federal regulatory change is provided, live and online, in an economical and timely manner and provides bankers with networking opportunities at all levels of the bank.  Associate members are considered first for speaking engagements.
Security    We manage a very active security function working closely with local, state and federal law enforcement officers in cases of bank robbery, data breach, and fraud. We sponsor the web site that most bank branch staff consult daily. The MBA also sponsors the MMW TIP Program providing reward money for case breaking tips in bank robbery situations.
Member Services    Our Associate membership directory is a tool we use to assist other members with everything from identifying contractors to build a branch, to answering complex compliance questions, software and systems issues, insurance programs, as well as technology and bank security questions to name just a few.
Public Relations    The MBA maintains a proactive public relations department that conducts effective issues management on behalf of our members.
Group Buying and
  The Association has an active research division and we offer close to 40 preferred vendors' products and services to member institutions and Associate members.
Publications    You will receive a complimentary copy of the winter edition of the New England Bank Directory, the “Blue Book” annually in January along with our Massachusetts Banker magazine each quarter and the bi-weekly e-News. A complete list of MBA bank publications can be accessed on

Additional Benefits for Associate Members

• The use of the Association job code mailing list twice each year for marketing purposes (certain restrictions apply)
• A company listing in the Association membership directory and on our website in categories of your choice with a link to your website
• Member rates at conferences, seminars, and for advertising
• Access to the members only section of
• An open invitation to submit educational articles for our bi-weekly e-News
• A free ad linked to your web site when your article is published in the e-News
• An opportunity to be considered as a presenter in one of the many MBA seminars offered to members each year.


For our preferred vendors we:

• Announce relationship to CEOs and general membership periodically;
• Link web sites;
• Promote through free ads and articles in bi-weekly e-News;
• Conduct webinars to demo the product to members banks;
• Publish articles in the quarterly Massachusetts Banker as appropriate;
• Periodic banner ad on Home Page;
• Speaking opportunities as appropriate at various educational forums and breakouts sessions;
• USPS mailings of promotional materials;
• Distribution of marketing materials through take-one table at seminars and convention; and
• We can also introduce the product/service to the other state banking associations. We have a close network, meeting annually and speaking with each other on a regular basis recommending various products and services

If you have any questions, please contact Annie Coldstream, manager, grassroots and member services at 617.502.3816.