The Massachusetts Bankers Association values the relationship we have with our members and is committed to responsible information handling practices and takes the privacy of anyone who visits our website very seriously. Personal identifying information is not collected from visitors to our website. Members are required to provide an e-mail address only as a means of providing an easy to remember user name for use of the site. Once you have provided personal information, it will only be used for purposes of managing the website, or for purposes described at the point of data collection. Such information will not be released to other parties unless otherwise stated at the point of data collection.

With respect to the website, the Association tracks the domain name and/or the IP address, date and time and the pages visited only to measure the value of the site and improve its content.  Mass Bankers may ask for your address, phone number and/or e-mail address when you place an order for a product or register for a seminar. We may also ask for your credit card number and expiration date when you choose to purchase a product, service or register for a seminar on-line. With respect to purchases or seminar registrations made on-line, all such transactions are transmitted via an SSL secure server, the industry standard for such transactions. This information is not shared with any third party.


To protect the privacy and dignity of all who interact with us in social media, we request that everyone follow these guidelines when posting on the Massachusetts Bankers Association’s social media pages.

  • Please do not overshare. The MBA takes the privacy of all individuals seriously. We will never ask you to provide information related to your banking via social media. Please never share your personal information as relates to banking through posts and even private messaging (mistakes can occur).
  • Be respectful. The MBA is happy to be a part of the social media community, but any disrespectful, inappropriate or profane remarks will be removed from MBA social media immediately.
  • No endorsement of outside commentary. The MBA does not support or endorse any postings in our social media by non-affiliated individuals or groups.
  • Be aware. Sometimes our social media will feature links that take you away from our pages and our website. Please note the privacy policy of each of these external sites when you visit them and know that the MBA can only protect you and your information when you are on our secure pages.
  • We are proud to be bankers. That’s why we use social media to communicate and share information important to bank customers and our industry, most often educational. Please do not use our social media space to promote any of your personal events, opinions, etc. And if you find something pertinent to share with us, please be sure to identify the source if you obtained the information elsewhere.
  • Your information is safe with us. The personal information that you share with us should be limited. Keep in mind always that social media sites often share public information from your profiles such as age, gender, location. This information will not be shared or repurposed by the MBA for outside parties.