The MBA is a multi-faceted banking trade group that represents 130 banks all across Massachusetts. These institutions, large and small, are commercial, savings and co-operative banks, federal savings banks, savings and loan institutions, and trust companies in every corner of the Commonwealth, and a few are in neighboring states. Together, our member banks manage an aggregate $2.3 trillion in assets.

The MBA was founded in 1905 “To promote the general welfare and usefulness of banks and banking institutions; to secure uniformity of action, together with the practical benefit derived from personal acquaintance and from the discussion of subjects of importance to the banking, commercial and industrial interests of the State of Massachusetts, and especially in order to secure the proper consideration of questions regarding the financial and commercial usages, customs and laws which affect the banking interests of the State of Massachusetts, and for the protection against loss by crime.”

Today, the focus of the MBA is as much on the consumer as it is on the banker. As the world changes, the MBA and member banks seek to advise, educate and inform customers on how best to manage their financial lives. An educated consumer is, in fact, a better customer and, as such, both customers and banks prosper.

Still, it would be an oversimplification to say that the key beneficiaries of the work of the MBA are merely banks and customers. In fact, the constituencies of the Association also include legislators, regulators, consumer advocates, the media, community groups and, of course, the general public.

If you are a banker and a member of the Association, we hope that this Web site serves you well and identifies a range of services from which you may choose. If you fall into the category of any of the other groups above, we welcome you with equal vigor and encourage you to engage the Association in any way that you see fit. Let’s achieve “the practical benefit derived from personal acquaintance.”


The Massachusetts Bankers Association will represent and promote the interests of its member institutions and those of the Massachusetts and New England banking industry overall as well as offer quality services that meet the needs of its broad-based constituency. The Massachusetts Bankers Association will carry out its mandate through legislative and regulatory initiatives, education, research, media and public relations, and consumer education as it assists its members to compete effectively in a rapidly evolving financial-services industry.


The Massachusetts Bankers Association is a not-for-profit organization incorporated in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Governance is provided by a 20-member board of directors, headed by a chairman, vice chairman and treasurer. These officers, who serve a one-year term, are supported by the Association's president and a professional staff covering each of the Association's major areas of responsibility.

In selecting candidates for the board, the Association's nominating committee strives to provide broad representation based on member-bank size, charter, type of ownership, business emphasis, and geographic distribution.

While overall policy is established and monitored by the board of directors, specific industry concerns and routine staff direction are addressed by some two dozen standing and ad hoc committees.

Among the areas covered by standing committees are: bank systems and technology, commercial credit, education and management development, federal liaison, human resources, legal and regulatory compliance, public affairs and marketing, community banking, real estate finance, state legislative and regulatory issues, and a variety of trust-related concerns, including trust systems and administration, fiduciary taxation, legal compliance, and marketing.