The Massachusetts Bankers Association is partnering with e-learning companies to provide a wide range of quality cost-effective training for all levels of bank management.

The course offerings from the selected vendors, reviewed on quality, applicability of content, ease of use, and pricing, include live web cast seminars and static computer e-learning programming. The live Web cast programs have a live presenter on screen with typically a PowerPoint presentation and question screen. At first these programs will be geared to more senior level staff addressing important management topics and may typically carry college credits and are more expensive than static courses.

Static computer learning programs will be geared to entry to mid-level staff, are about twenty minutes to an hour in length, can be accessed at any time, any place, and are more rote learning oriented. An example of this type of program might be BSA basics. The format provides reading selections, possibly an audio cut and then drills the user on key provisions they need to know, followed by a multiple choice test. Results and accounting would be managed online and could be accessed by authorized training staff.

Our intention is to provide members with a wide-range of choices at various levels of difficulty, price points and management options. We will be offering members an online training management program that will allow them to quickly respond to a changing education environment, while still being able to train in traditional areas on-demand. Such a system will also allow banks to provide regulators with a complete training history, if necessary.

This move to expand our e-learning capabilities will in no way reduce our current live program and telephone offerings.

Click on the e-learning course providers' link to learn more or register for training with our current e-learning partners:

This effort coupled with our full offering of live presentations, telephone seminars, specialized in-house training and your bank's in-house training, will provide you with the choices you need to develop a well-rounded program for your staff.

Please contact Annie Coldstream with your thoughts, comments and experiences with distance learning. Your opinions will help us develop the most appropriate offering in this dynamic learning environment.