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With the onset of deregulating the financial industry, banking customers have a strong interest in a wide range of banking, investment and insurance products. To meet this growing customer demand, many banks are considering relationships with third-party broker-dealers and insurance agents.

It is a real challenge to bring the worlds of banking, investments and insurance together in order to avoid establishing a competitive environment in which the bank finds itself competing against one of its primary business partners. The culture of the two organizations must meld together seamlessly in order to create a comfortable and synergistic working relationship.

Infinex Financial Group provides a working template for success. This broker-dealership was formed by banks, is owned by banks and operated for the benefit of the participating banks. Through a unique arrangement, the Infinex goal is to build upon the heritage founded in the banking industry while maintaining the flexibility to meet the changing needs of the financial services industry well into the 21st century.

Infinex Financial Group is a program designed by people with banking, broker-dealer and insurance backgrounds. Infinex is owned by The Massachusetts Bankers Association, The Connecticut Bankers Association and a number of participating banks. This arrangement ensures that the products and services offered broaden the scope of financial services that the bank can offer its customers, while maintaining that important relationship between the bank and its customers. It has been our experience that the products and services that have been developed by banks, for banks, ultimately prove to be the most successful because they allow banks to control their own destiny when it comes to people, products and marketing operations on their platforms.

Infinex Financial Group offers banks a unique approach to satisfying the growing demand for investment and insurance products in the Massachusetts and Northeast market. Infinex offers financial planning, mutual funds, tax deferred annuities, stocks and bonds, life insurance, long-term care insurance, unit investment trusts, money market funds, and retirement accounts.


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